The 77th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem

In September, it will be 77 years ago that the Battle of Arnhem took place. The Battle of Arnhem changed the course of the Second World War and the lives of thousands of soldiers, as well as some 95,000 people from Arnhem itself. In September, we will commemorate this so that we do not forget and also to make a connection with the present. Because peace, security and freedom cannot be taken for granted.

Airborne Commemoration Arnhem 2021

The official commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem will take place on Friday 17 September. During the official commemoration we will commemorate the sacrifices made in Arnhem for freedom in the Netherlands and Europe. We will also commemorate the victims, the large-scale evacuation, and the reconstruction of a destroyed city.

Programme - 17 September 2021

The commemoration on Friday 17 september 2021 includes three components:

  • The evening starts with a commemoration for invited guests. This will take place at 18:15 hrs in the Eusebius Church. After the event, there will be a silent march from the Eusebius Church to the Airborneplein. 
  • The ceremony at the Airborneplein, including wreath laying, starts at 19:15 hrs. This year the wreath laying ceremony at the Berenkuil is for invited guests only. Are you a close relative of one of the veterans of the Battle of Arnhem and would you like to know whether you can attend the ceremony? Please contact the Municipality of Arnhem in advance: 026-3774611.
  • At 20:30 hrs Bridge to Liberation -screen experience- starts. Due to COVID-19 Bridge to Liberation takes place live and will be broadcasted online and on Omroep Gelderland. There are also a few locations in Arnhem where guests can watch the spectacular show together. 

Due to the coronavirus the Airborne commemoration will be different this year. Furthermore, this altered programme could still change last minute due to the virus. We kindly ask you for your understanding. Please keep an eye on our website for the latest developments.

Activities around the 77th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem

In addition to the city of Arnhem, the other Airborne municipalities of Ede, Overbetuwe and Renkum, which are also involved in the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem, have organised a number of activities. All the activities for residents of and visitors to the Airborne region can be found on the Airborne Region Foundation website

There is also an overview of the events in the Airborne region throughout the year on