Resettlement after living abroad

If you are resettling in the Netherlands after having lived abroad, you have to declare your intent with the municipality within 5 days of your arrival.

This declaration only applies to you if you emigrated from the Netherlands after 1 October 1994. If you have deregistered with the municipality before 1 October 1994, for reasons of immigration or 'leaving without a known destination', an Initial registration in the Netherlands is applicable to your situation.


Declare your intent of resettlement after living abroad in person at the Civil Affairs Department. To register your resettlement, you have to schedule an appointment.

Quarantine and appointments

If you recently visit a COVID-19-risk-area (in Dutch), please be sure to remain 10 days in quarantine, before you visit us. If you have to report to city-hall within a certain amount of days, please contact us by phone (0800-1809) to discuss your situation.

You can also sent us a form to report that you are in Arnhem, but in quarantine.

Schedule an appointment

What is needed?

  • A valid proof of identity
  • A travel document or different document that shows your nationality
  • Proof of deregistration if you are from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Saba or St. Eustatius
  • Other official documents concerning juristic facts that have occurred after the date of departure abroad, such as a marriage certificate or divorce certificate (complete with apostille or legalisation, see
  • Recent and completed documents that prove occupation of your house or building. Examples include permission from the housing association, a tenancy agreement, a title deed or a statement from the principal occupant with a copy of the proof of identity of the principal occupant


The registration of resettlement in the Netherlands is free of charge.


Processing your resettlement registration takes 5 workdays. You will receive a confirmation from the Civil Affairs Department.